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Discover how you can focus on your business, not its finances.
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Take finance and accounting off your to do list.

Your time is scarce, spend it where it matters - with sales, customers and product. Grow your company and let us take care of the numbers so you don’t have to.

How We Do It

Fractional finance team, when you need it

We give you a finance team, minus the cost -  by creating a fractional services model that ensures you only pay for what you need, when you need it.​

Our tech-savvy approach ensures a streamlined and pain-free experience; coupled with a full-team of experts to help you with bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and CFO capabilities.

Businesses that rely on Growth Partners

Freedom from Accounting

Let’s face it, accounting isn’t fun for everyone. Let us take care of it for you so you can focus on the core of your business and take it to the next level. We’ll ensure that your books are timely and accurate.

Understand Your Cashflow & Performance

No more guessing and worrying about your runway. We make user-friendly and scalable cashflow forecasts that identify your profitability, cash flows and targets. Coupled with key performance indicators, so you know where to spend your time.

Taking Care of Your Taxes

Taxes in all forms can be a pain to manage, but if not done properly could cause issues within your business. Let us take care of them for you so you have the piece of mind that they are done properly. We are aware of potential tax credits, such as SR&ED, OIMTDC, and others that can increase your cash balance.

We’re here to handle the numbers

Real people with years of experience helping out businesses like yours to take the stress out of financial management. Your numbers are in the right hands to help you make the decisions needed to grow your business.

How we’ve helped businesses like yours

Understand their runway

An Enterprise SaaS company raised a Seed round and within 12 months realized that they were quickly running out of cash, with no understanding of how to manage burn and uncertainty if and when they would need to raise more funds.

​We went to work to fix their historical financials, built a cashflow forecast and a KPI dashboard that gave the CEO visibility into their performance. With the work performed, we helped them reduce their burn rate and closed an additional line of credit to give them greater stability.

Setup the infrastructure to scale

An e-commerce company was growing quickly, but their financials were lagging behind. This limited their visibility and their ability to scale. They wanted to increase their headcount to take advantage of the growth but were unsure what they could afford.

​We took the time to correct their books and get them up to date. Working with the CEO and executive team, we developed a growth plan they could afford without spreading themselves too thin. We then managed their financials each month and provided assistance as they closed financing. We even re-structured their vendor agreements to improve their cashflows.

The best financial tools we use for the best results

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Discover how you can focus on your business, not its finances.
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