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Discover how you can focus on your business, not its finances.
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We’re here to handle
the numbers.

Real people with years of experience helping out businesses like yours to take the stress out of financial management. Your numbers are in the right hands to help you make the decisions needed to grow your business.

Meet Our Team

Jordan Hill, CPA, CA

Managing Director
For close to a decade, Jordan has worked with companies ranging from early stage ventures to post Series B growth firms in a variety of capacities.

Alan Man, CPA, CA

Alan has spent the last 10+ years advising and working with seed to post Series B ventures. He has supported acquisitions, new product launches, and IPO transactions.

Reena Feliciano, CPA, CGA

Reena has 20+ years experience as a controller and CFO. Most recently, she was Controller at #paid, a Series A tech start-up.

Mark Young

Senior Accountant
Mark is an established accounting professional with experience across various industries. Mark began his career working for an event technology company where he quickly built out their accounting department and streamlined its processes.

Mankaran Chalal, APA

Mankaran has over 15 years of experience working in financial accounting. Has mentored many established companies and start ups as a Financial Controller in NewZealand & North America.

Angela Anne Pineda, CPA

Angela is a Certified Xero Advisor with 10+ years experience helping growth startups with their accounting and bookkeeping. She has helped to streamline the receivable and payables processes, while keeping strong relationships with clients.

Meet Our Advisors

Seth London, CPA, CA, CFA


Seth has experience both as an adviser and operator in companies ranging from private start-up to multi billion dollar public enterprises.

Jeff Szeto, CMA, CA, MBA


Jeff is a seasoned executive with experience growing and scaling finance teams for fast growing companies. He recently led the sale of one of Canada's fastest growing tech companies to a $1 billion UK Private Equity firm generating significant returns for its shareholder base.

Micahel Shafman, CPA, CA

CEO NexCloud Consulting

Michael is the CEO of NexCloud Consulting, specializing in cloud technology workflows and implementations in the SMB space. He is an early adopter of cloud accounting technologies in North America, living and breathing the cloud accounting ecosystem for the past 6+ years working with hundreds of clients.

Jonathan Stacey

Operations Consultant

Jonathan has 8+ years experience in the banking and financial sectors, managing high value accounting portfolios and optimizing their accounting operations through technology.

How we’ve helped businesses like yours

Understand their runway

An Enterprise SaaS company raised a Seed round and within 12 months realized that they were quickly running out of cash, with no understanding of how to manage burn and uncertainty if and when they would need to raise more funds.

​We went to work to fix their historical financials, built a cashflow forecast and a KPI dashboard that gave the CEO visibility into their performance. With the work performed, we helped them reduce their burn rate and closed an additional line of credit to give them greater stability.

Setup the infrastructure to scale

An e-commerce company was growing quickly, but their financials were lagging behind. This limited their visibility and their ability to scale. They wanted to increase their headcount to take advantage of the growth but were unsure what they could afford.

​We took the time to correct their books and get them up to date. Working with the CEO and executive team, we developed a growth plan they could afford without spreading themselves too thin. We then managed their financials each month and provided assistance as they closed financing. We even re-structured their vendor agreements to improve their cashflows.

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Discover how you can focus on your business, not its finances.
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